Проблемы Эндокринологии

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Том 25, № 2 (1979)

28-32 26
As a result of thorough examination of patients with juvenile and young thyrotoxicosis (14-18, and 19-25 years old, respectively) peculiarities of the clinical picture of this disease were revealed. The onset of the pathological process and of its course at the early developmental stages, and stability of a number of symptoms were characteristic of the disease. Functional disturbances of the cardiovascular system activity were prominent in the clinical picture of juvenile thyrotoxicosis association between the severity of the disease and the intensity of cardiac pathology, as well as definite changes in the enzymatic function of the liver were revealed. Marked disturbances were found in the blood protein formula.

ISSN 0375-9660 (Print)
ISSN 2308-1430 (Online)