Проблемы Эндокринологии

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Том 30, № 4 (1984)

60-63 68
Intravenous injections of the blood plasma iodinated lipoproteins (LP) to rats led to the marker binding and penetration into the adrenal cells. The most intensive absorption was specific to LPs of high density (LPHD) and, to a lesser degree, to LPs of low and very low density (LPLD, LPVLD). Intensive exercises produced an enhanced LPHD accumulation and a reduced LPLD level in the adrenal tissues. During subcellular fractionation of the adrenals LPVLDs were uniformly distributed among cellular organelles, LPLDs were accumulated in lysosomes and cytosol, whereas a large LPHD amount was collected in the small cytoplasmic membranes. The exercises led to an increase in LPHD binding with the fraction of small cytoplasmic membranes. The role of different LP classes in steroidogenesis processes is discussed. The differences, found in the absorption extent and localization of LP labelled, allowed one to suggest that the pathways of intracellular metabolism of several LP classes in the rat adrenals are distinctive.

ISSN 0375-9660 (Print)
ISSN 2308-1430 (Online)