Проблемы Эндокринологии

Расширенный поиск
Том 37, № 3 (1991)

45-48 49
The paper is concerned , with the results of investigation into the nature of regeneration of function of the hypophyseogonadal system in 15 mature male Papio hamadryas, subjected to infusion of LH-RH agonists (buzerelin, Hoehst A. G., Germany) and surfagon (All-Union Cardiology Research Center, USSR) using osmotic mini-pumps (Alzo Corp., Polo Alto, USA) for 5-16 weeks. Regeneration of this system was characterized by 3 main phases: latent, gonadal hvperfunction and return to the basal level of functioning. The time of phases was determined by a period of administration of the drug and individual features of functioning' of the hypothalamohypophyseogonadal system. Unlike the sex glands, regeneration of hypophyseal gonadotropic function did not undergo the stage of hyperfunction but included the development of 2 phases of refractivity of gonadotropocytes to exogenous LH-RH, differing in' the level of functional activity. Regeneration of function of the hypophyseogonadal system under basal conditions was followed by regeneration of a reaction of this system under the conditions of its activation.

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ISSN 2308-1430 (Online)